Easy UCS

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Easily leverage the power of User Coordinate Systems (UCS) in Autodesk Inventor.
Increase your efficiency by creating modular assemblies. Quickly add predefined UCS to your models.
Easy UCS is a tool that simplifies creating and maintaining UCS’s in components and assemblies.

With Easy UCS you can:

  • Rename all parameters associated with a UCS.
  • Renamed parameters indicate which axis is being driven in linear or angular direction.
  • Edit parameters associated with a UCS by right click menu in browser.
  • Edit parameters associated with a UCS by clicking on UCS in graphics window.
  • Live edit, watch UCS move into place while editing.
  • Cancel automatically returns UCS to previous state, test moves without committing the change.
  • One click undo returns app parameter values and names to previous state.
  • Create a UCS in an assembly using a placed components origin planes.
  • Promote a UCS into current assembly from another component.
  • Demote a UCS from an assembly to another component.
  • Save UCS Definitions to quickly add to other parts or assemblies.

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